The Garage Manifesto

Teaching, Research, Exhibition and Publication
Location: BTU Cottbus
Year: 2016ff.
Program: GDR Garages, Preservation, Architectural Design, Making Heritage!
Status: Ongoing
Tags: teaching, research

Editors/ Authors:
Luise Rellensmann, Jens Casper

Contributors / Co- authors:
Laura Hernandez, Nora Kokert, Melanie Kuhnlein, Lasse Schmalfuß, Justyna Sielska, Hanna Strahl, Zhuoyou (Zoey) Teng, Pawel Tucholski, Moritz Unger; Martin Maleschka.

“Many people think of heritage as something that comes before us and that society takes over to take care of. However, heritage is a proposition and not given. We consider heritage as something that we are making, that is in our choice.”
Luise Rellensmann, Jens Casper, “Das Garagenmanifest”, 2021

The Garage Manifesto was co-authored in a collaborative process by cultural scientists, architects, urban and regional planners, and preservationists from World Heritage Studies and Architectural Preservation within a cross- disciplinary seminar investigating a so far unattended urban typology: GDR garage complexes.

The Garage Manifesto is a conceptual and methodological intervention into the contemporary heritage discourse. It raises questions about cultural values of objects, places and rituals as well as about power, dominance and participation: How can architectural practice productively intervene into the reductionist preservation practice, and which means can be used to make heritage? It addresses a „vacuum in architectural education and discourse around reuse“ and reclaims preservation as a part of a participatory architectural design practice.

Das Garagenmanifest will be published by Park Books in autumn 2021.

Many thanks to:
Leo Schmidt (Department of Architectural Conservation BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg), Ulrich Müller (Architektur Galerie Berlin), Markus Otto (Dean Faculty Architecture, Cicil Engineering, and Urban Planning BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg), Kirsten Angermann, Thomas Burlon, Laura Hernandez, Gerburg Brilling, Rebecca Galley, Martin Henseler and Marc Timo Berg.

Lectures, Books, Articles, Exhibitions
Jens Casper / Luise Rellensmann: Das Garagenmanifest. Park Books, Zürich September 2021

University of Tsukuba (JP)
Luise Rellensmann and Jens Casper:„The Garage Manifesto“ (Online), 31.05.2021

Das Garagenmanifest
Association of Critical Heritage Studies 5th Biennial Conference (Online), London 26 - 30 August 2020

Columbia GSAPP New York
Luise Rellesnsmann: Making Heritage: Das Garagenmanifest
Lecture within the Preservation Lecture Series, an initiative of the Historic Preservation Program at Columbia GSAPP 

rca 2018. research culture in architecture.
„Das Garagen Manifest“ lecture within „research culture in architecture - international conference on cross-disciplinary collaboration“, mit Luise Rellensmann, TU Kaiserslautern 27.09.2018
published as:
Jens Casper / Luise Rellensmann: Making Heritage: Das Garagenmanifest.
in: Cornelie Leopold, Christopher Robeller, Ulrike Weber (ed.):
rca 2018. research culture in architecture. international conference on cross-discipinary collaboration. Conference Book. Faculty of Architecture, TU Kaiserslautern 2018

„#makingheritage: The Garage Manifesto“. Center for Applied Heritage Studies (CAHSt), University of York: 26.10.2017 mit Luise Rellensmann;

Schutzraum fürs Auto und das Ich: Kulturerbe Garage. Jens Casper im Interview (9min21) mit Marietta Schwartz, Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Echtzeit, 24.06.2017  

Architektur Galerie Berlin Satellit
Preservation Studio: Das Garagenmanifest

Casper, Jens / Rellensmann, Luise:
„Monumente der Verschmutzung“ und „Denkmalpflege als Experiment“
Baunetzwoche #469, BaunetzMedia, 20.10.2016  
(Download from Baunetz)

Casper, Jens / Rellensmann, Luise: „Radikale Denkmalpflege“ (Radical Heritage Preservation) on Rem Koolhaas‘ „Preservation is Overtaking Us“ (with a supplement by Jorge Otero-Pailos)
Baunetzwoche #394, BaunetzMedia, 22. January 2015
(Download from Baunetz)