Haus Döschnitz e.V.

Research and Retreat
Location: Thuringia, Germany
Year: 2020ff.
Program: Residential, Guest Rooms, Studies, Workshops, Exhibition, Shared Kitchen
Size: 490 sqm
Status: In Progress
Tags: participation, research, culture, event, exhibition, residential

Jens has been a co-founder and a board member in the first four years of the non-profit organisation Haus Döschnitz e.V. along with a bunch of young architects, preservationists, urbanists, cultural scientists and other professionals from Berlin, Cottbus, Weimar and other cities and regions.

The associtation pursues the transdisciplinary development of the former residential building and local history museum, most recently the seat of the local hunting and landowners club and mayor's office, into a community-oriented place of learning, production and relaxation. The aim of the association is to establish a place for regular encounters and experimental exchange in the fields of education and research, culture and history, as well as living and working, with the involvement of supra-regional and local actors. Haus Döschnitz will be a place that offers both individuals and groups the temporary opportunity to learn, work cooperatively and stay overnight in the context of the Schwarzatal natural space, furthermore a space that opens up to the local community and promotes local social and democratic coexistence through recurring programmatic impulses.

Lead coordinator: Hannes Langguth; Building Conservation: Clara Rellensmann, Luise Rellensmann, Luisa Beyenbach; 2022 building workshops: Nina Pawlicki and Matt Crabbe for Natural Building Lab Berlin, Clara Rellensmann for the Chair of Architectural Conservation BTU Cottbus; so many active members in the Verein <3! Please visit Haus Döschnitz e.V. for further information, and become a member! 

Consulting architects: mata Stadt Raum Erweiterung, Markus Tauber und Mathias Peppler, Berlin; Wood appraisal: Bernhard Waldhelm, Erfurt; Dendrochronology: Thomas Eißing, Bamberg; Structure: Marco Fuhs, Erfurt; Building survey and construction history analysis: SUM MONUMENTUM, Benjamin Rudolph, Schönau (Hörsel); Investigation of historical colour schemes: Dr. Alexandra Skedzuhn-Safir

Haus Döschnitz e.V. is supported by
Stiftung trias, Zukunftswerkstatt Schwarzatal, IBA ThüringenDeutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, LEADER ...

Florian Heilmeyer: Musterhäuser einer anderen Immobilienwirtschaft
IBA Magazin, Magazin der IBA Thüringen, Ausgabe 7 2021
Apolda, März 2021 (-> pdf)