Jens, a graduate from RWTH Aachen University, established his practice in 2003. His work, collaboratively developed in diverse relationships, has been recognized and published internationally, and received numerous awards. Particularly outstanding from his built work are the transformations Boros Collection Residence, White Cube Bermondsey, Radialsystem III and Phoenixhalle.

Since 2004, Jens held multiple teaching positions. He was Assistant Professor at TU Berlin, and a Unit Master at the AA Berlin Laboratory. He worked as a Guest Professor heading the Chair “Bauen im Bestand / Contextual Design” at BTU Cottbus, and headed BTU’s International Postgraduate Architectural Design Programme carried out by 10 universities across Europe and Israel. Most recently he has been teaching at the intersection of architectural design and heritage preservation.

Jens is an active member of Haus Döschnitz eV, a member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, of the Chamber of Architects of Berlin, and Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA Berlin. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


From the very beginning of his practice, Jens has always sought and developed new fields of cooperation. He has been contact architect for international architecture firms like Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse and SADAR+VUGA, and co-founded and established internationally acclaimed offices like Realarchitektur and Casper Mueller Kneer.  

Luise Rellensmann; Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse: Petra Blaisse, Aura Luz Melis, Nafsika Efklidou; Casper Mueller Kneer: Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer, with George Barer and Vicente Hernandez;  KOPPERROTH Architektur und Stadtumbau: Marcus Kopper, Martin Roth; FORMATION A: Torsten Lockl and Lina Müller, with Benjamin Bosse,  Robert Müller, Max Mütsch, Matthias Prüger, Teresa Riethmüller, Ana Roman; SADAR+VUGA: Jurij Sadar und Boštjan Vuga; chezweitz: Detlev Weitz, Sonja Beeck; MATA: Matthias Peppler, Markus Tauber; Kai Nikolaus Grüne; Sören Hanft; Geo Reisinger; bbz landschaftsarchitekten: Timo Herrmann, Ellen Kallert; HHVH Landschaftsarchitekten: Inga Hahn; HMGB Heike Matcha, Günter Barzcik; StudioC: Nicole Zahner; Sven Pfeiffer; 3Design Architecture: Anthony Leon, John Wyatt;Realarchitektur: Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland;  ifau, Institut für angewandte Urbanistik: Christoph Heinemann, Christoph Schmidt, Susanne Heiss, Barbara Horst; Dominik Uhrmeister, Leonie Heilmann, Jens Bethke. Very special thanks to Mathis Burandt, Frank Skupin: neue tische.

team since 2003

Wolfgang List, Bernadette Krejs, Karin Maria Derix, Dorina Siewert, Ditte Waag, Polynikis Krimitsas, Stefan Saß, Rocco Zuehlke, Felix Zaiss, Stefan Kluth, Silvia Huth, Andreas Gülzow, Konstanze Schick, Elisabeth Eberenz, Matthias Grabe; Marian Manten, Max Dzembrizki, Nina Langner, Anja Retzlaff, Tobie Verleye, João Oliveira

Casper Mueller Kneer

Co-founder, director 2010-2020: In 2010, Jens Casper joined forces with the architecture firm Mueller Kneer to form Casper Mueller Kneer, based in London and Berlin. In their first year Jens Casper, Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer designed White Cube Bermondsey, London. They continued to successfully collaborate on projects and competitions worldwide, such as the Berlin projects Bauhaus Archiv and Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts, both competiton entries with Sadar+Vuga, or studies for the Ministry of Sound II in London and HMB1F in Seoul.

Since 2020 Jens Casper, Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer go their own way. Mueller and Kneer continue with Casper Mueller Kneer, keeping the name of their practice’s co-founder in the company name.