Participative Urban Outline Plan
Location: Neuenhagen-bei-Berlin
Year: 2012-2013
Program: Urban Space, Mixed Used
Client: Gemeinde Neuenhagen-bei-Berlin
Services: Moderation, Urban Design
Tags: participation, urbanism

Jens Casper Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA, KOPPERROTH and mata; Team: Jens Casper, Marcus Kopper, Martin Roth, Mathias Peppler, Markus Tauber.

The Citizens of Neuenhagen, a garden city East of Berlin, were encouraged to pronounce their personal views on possible future scenarios for a central site, verbally, in plans and sketches. Their ideas competed with student projects previously created within Realismusstudio at BTU Cottbus. Representatives from local parties, citizen‘s initiatives, retailers, developers, youth and senior resident representatives formed an independent jury to develop criteria, and to supervise the development of an outline plan.

Plans, vizualizations, models, were not only presented, but also discussed as a means of determination and abstraction, negotiation and manipulation. The moderation of these discussions and the periodical jury meetings formed the core of the work on the new outline plan.

After more than a year of discussions a new outline plan was unanimously approved by the jury in August 2013, and presented to the public a month later. In November 2013 the new plan finally passed the municipal authorities even with the consent of it‘s former opponents.